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Revv52 is what happens when you combine over 50 people with a passion for music, a love of singing and an insatiable zeal for creative adventures.

  • Vogue

    Madonna’s classic dance floor identity song on stage at the Bella concert hall in Calgary.

  • Revv52 is a 55 member singing group with a live band performing popular music from the last 5 decades.

  • River Deep, Mountain High

    Tina Turner’s classic turned upside down by Revv52.

  • Rollin’ in the Deep

    Adele’s smash hit mashed with Aretha’s Ain’t No Mountain High Enough is a lethal combination!

  • Happy

    Pharrell Williams’ megahit from 2014 sung in classic Revv52 style.

  • Freedom 90

    George Michael’s second version of Freedom came in 1990 and reached #8 on the US Billboard charts at a time when he was growing more and more cynical of the recording industry.  Revv52’s 50 singers recreated the groove with an arrangement by Deke Sharon, backed by an 8 piece band, and featuring soloists Robyn Hauck and Mitch Belot.  The performance was the Encore from their concerts in Calgary, Alberta in May 2013.

  • With a Little Help from my Friends

    This classic Beatles cut from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was arranged by Deke Sharon and sung in the style that made Joe Cocker a superstar.  The song was performed by Revv52 at the British Rhapsody shows in May 2013 in Calgary, Alberta.


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