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  • Brother Down

    The 2003 hit single by the Sam Roberts Band was performed by soloist Dan Duguay and Revv52 at their Life is a Highway concerts. This Kit Johnson arrangement starts off with a laid-back feel and gradually adopts the familiar groove of the original.

  • Stompa

    Serena Ryder’s 2012 hit from her album Harmony cracked the Canada Hot 100 top 10 and was the #1 hit in the adult contemporary category in the US.  Soloist Robyn Hauck and Revv52 performed this song at their January 2014 Life is a Highway concerts in Calgary, Alberta.

  • Life is a Highway

    Tom Cochrane’s 1991 hit was covered by Rascal Flatts fifteen years later, making this song one of the few that have hit the top ten by two different artists.  Revv52′s Jeremy Mielke and Betti White heat up the audience at the concerts by the same name in January 2014 in Calgary, Alberta.

  • Takin’ Care of Business

    “The Provincial Rock Anthem of Manitoba” as this song is often called, was performed with a gospel twist front-end before the classic riff kicks off a high-energy rendition from Revv52.

  • Freedom 90

    George Michael’s second version of Freedom came in 1990 and reached #8 on the US Billboard charts at a time when he was growing more and more cynical of the recording industry.  Revv52′s 50 singers recreated the groove with an arrangement by Deke Sharon, backed by an 8 piece band, and featuring soloists Robyn Hauck and Mitch Belot.  The performance was the Encore from their concerts in Calgary, Alberta in May 2013.

  • With a Little Help from my Friends

    This classic Beatles cut from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was arranged by Deke Sharon and sung in the style that made Joe Cocker a superstar.  The song was performed by Revv52 at the British Rhapsody shows in May 2013 in Calgary, Alberta.

  • Delilah

    Tom Jones’ hit from 1968 was arranged by Revv52 drummer Nicolai Drost and sung by soloist Jory Rusnak at the British Rhapsody concerts in May 2013, in Calgary Canada.  In typical Tom Jones style, Jory sings passionately about his cheating lover and ends up being the popular man of the night by the end of the song.

  • A Change is Gonna Come

    Sam Cooke’s amazing anthem to a changing times in the 1960′s was performed in May 2012 by the 50-person singing group Revv52, with a stirring solo by Robyn Hauck.  The three concerts provided over 2000 in the audience with an exploration of the music of Memphis.


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