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An Incantation of Place

Place is what you take with you when you leave. Place is home, place is where the food is on the table. Place is where things are set. Place is where you are counted and the counting is worth something. Place is where you go to find feelings only safe there. Place is where there is no dress code but you look great anyway. Place is where crowds gather. Place is where watching is sometimes as important as playing. Place is what you bring. Place is not immortal, and loved all the more just for that. Place is the measure of change. Place is where things are lost and so remembered better than if you’d held on to them. Place is in the mind. Place is what defines the rest of the landscape. Place is where the sounds continue to be heard, especially in silence. Place is where the dark is home. Place is where the secrets are. Place is what your friends also see. Place is where you know things. Place is what remembers. Place is where you carve your words. Place is where you hold your ceremonies. Place is where it’s all right to play. Place is where you work without counting what you’re doing as work. Place is where you risk. Place is where it is all right to weep. Place is birth. Place is where the dead are remembered. Place is a big chair. Place is where everyone looks but only you see. Place assembles and place moves away. Place is belonging. Place is where you return.

Richard Harrison
Poet and Revv52 Volunteer


For our Directors, it’s a place to hone their craft and lead a group to a new music experience.  For our musicians, it’s a chance to play in concert with more than 50 singers – how often does that experience come along?  For our crew, it’s a chance to present a show that brings focus to an active stage.  For our volunteers, it’s a chance to help out and enjoy the smiles from our audience for their hard work.  For our singers, it’s a chance to take their own personal musical experience to another level, and share that joy on stage.

Our Revv52 community is all about our audience.  It’s a chance for them to come to an intimate setting, and experience a sound that’s just not available anywhere else.  A chance to listen to music they loved when they were growing up, or experience music their kids (or grandkids) are listening to now!  A chance to tap their feet to a pounding rhythm, get up and dance, or simply shout “YAH” at the end of a song.  It’s about getting away from what’s happening outside of the walls of the concert, and just get lost in the music.

Revv52 wants to thank all of those who’ve made our community – our audience, our volunteers, those who donate, our advertisers, our sponsors – a PLACE.