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The 2015 concerts are coming…

Inside the Wall of Sound
January 14-17, 2015


Gospel Revvolution
May 6-9, 2015


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Revv52 will be pushing the boundaries again with a solid set of two different concerts in 2015.

On the inevitable cold Calgary winter night in January, come and heat up with Revv52 as we present Inside the Wall of Sound, with arrangements of songs that revvolutionized music up to the present day.  Think:  layers, colours, drama, emotion…songs from the Beatles that layered vocal harmonies, from Bruce Springsteen that layered a rock band and horn section, from Pink Floyd that layered in synthesizers, to Bowie that layered it all together.  Songs from Pharrell Williams, fun, Walk off the Earth, and Chicago, The Beach Boys and Steely Dan.  You get the picture, the bands that know the power of layering in the instruments and the vocals together that made for some of the most stunning music of the last four decades.

In the spring, rejuvenate with the spring sunshine and Revv52, while we bring two worlds together:  the secular pop music colliding with gospel.  Some of the most explosive and heart-thumping tunes have been produced when bringing these two musical worlds together, and Revv52 will bring them into a tight show that will be all-uplifting.  Songs by U2, Elton John, George Michael will fill the night as we sing out modern pop songs with an extraordinary gospel feel – with a few authentic gospel tunes to set the stage.

Check the concert pages for more details and a sample of the songs.

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