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Links and Other Helpful Learning Tools

The links below are there to help you learn, understand or to just plain entertain! New links will be added after rehearsal based on good suggestions, and seasonal links will be deleted after the concerts so check back frequently to see what’s new!

Brian Farrell Warmup

This warmup has been prepared by our Artistic Director to prepare your voice for rehearsal and performance.  Singing this warmup every day will help improve your vocal placement and tone, and add notes that you normally wouldn’t be able to sing!

Brian Farrell Male Warmup

Brian Farrell Female Warmup


Stampede Show July 6-16, 2017

Audio Recordings

GS17 Finale Together MIX v7-1
GS17 Both Sides Now MIX v5-1
GS17 Both Sides Now MINUS VOX v5-1

Sheet Music

GS17 VOCALS Both Sides Now v3
GS17 VOCALS Together Fireworks Finale v3 – VOCAL SCORE

PLEASE NOTE:  The Stampede has asked us to use the previous official lyric “all thy sons command” for the performance.  This is not on the sheet music, so will need to be written in.

Returning Member Interviews

Please take a moment to schedule your interview on either August 20th or 23rd.  Click the button below to sign up.

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on

Past Concert Recordings

2012 Season Concerts – Memphis.

Concert 1:  Great Balls of Fire

Concert 2:  Walkin’ in Memphis

2013 Season Concerts – British.

Concert 1:  London Calling

Concert 2:  British Rhapsody

2014 Season Concerts – Canada.

Concert 1:  Life is a Highway

Concert 2:  52 Degrees North

2015 Season Concerts

Concert 1:  Inside the Wall of Sound

Concert 2:  Gospel Revvolution Act 1,    Gospel Revvolution Act 2

2016 Season Concerts

Concert 1:  Unplugged

Concert 2:  California

2017 Season Concerts

Concert 1:  MixTape



Upcoming Rehearsals:

  • April 12, 5-6:30pm; Killarney
  • April 26, 5-6:30pm; Killarney
  • April 27, 7:30-10pm;  Oil City Press
  • May 3, 5-6:30pm; Killarney
  • May 4, 7:30-10pm; Location TBA

Upcoming Performances:

  • May 6, 8pm:  Brandon Flock Foundation (6pm) and Public Performance (8pm), King Eddy Hotel.  Call time: 4:30pm.
  • June 6, 7pm:  Private Performance (Coril), Hyatt Regency Hotel.  Call time:  4:30pm.
  • July 6, 4pm:  Private Performance (US Consulate).  Call time:  3:00pm.

For a zip file of all the sheet music selected March 15th:  ReMix March 15, 2017

For a zip file of the MP3’s of the music (no Jan 2017 songs):  ReMix Spring MP3’s

For a zip file of the MP3’s of the Jan 2017 songs:  ReMix MixTape Songs