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We have traced the evolution of African American music, explored the Canadian Folk Music scene, celebrated the music of Motown, sung the clashing styles of Memphis, shared songwriting experiences from Greenwich Village, and waved the Union Jack in dedication to the British Music Invasion.

How We Choose Our Music

Once we have our theme, the hard work of choosing the artists and the songs begin.  We listen to hundreds of songs, and narrow down the field based on the importance of a song to our theme and how well it might translate into harmony singing.  We look for songs that our band can love, and make our final selections based on what we want to share with our audience.With the songs selected, we reach out to our network of arrangers to bring forward a true Revv52 touch.  We aren’t a cover band – we want our audience to re-experience these great songs through a reinvention of the song the Revv52 way.  Through harmony, powerful solo leads and the thunderclap of a great rhythm section.

Once we have the arrangements, we sing, learn, style and perfect until the last possible minute – and then we step on stage, share with the audience, and experience the music again together.