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A Minute With Revv52

Behind-the-scenes with one of Canada’s most innovative groups!

These clips have been produced in partnership with a grant from the Calgary Foundation to give our great fans more insight into what we do to prepare for our concerts, how we rehearse and some of the lessons we learn each week together.

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Murray Ord Behind the Scenes

Murray Ord, Revv52's Executive Producer, recently received the David Billington award for his lifetime contribution to the Alberta Film Industry. This short video was presented at the banquet in his honour!

Compilation Video - 1 Minute with Revv52 Series (2013)

Look behind the scenes with Revv52 as they prepare through a full season for their British Invasion concerts in 2013. Learn some of the insights from Artistic Director Brian Farrell, meet some of the cast of the shows, and attend some of the rehearsals! This project was supported by the generosity of the Calgary Foundation and their Community Grants Program in 2012-2013.

Start of season read-through

Meet Brian Farrell, Artistic Director of Revv52, and a new member to the group and discover how a read-through of new material from one of four arrangers for this winter's British Invasion concerts goes.

Sound Placement

Sound placement is critical to projecting the right tone for any song. Hear from Artistic Director Brian Farrell as he discusses how to properly place the sound in your body and head to provide the right quality for the listener!

Travelin' Band

Auditions can be stressful, but Brian Farrell has some lighter moments with the group as he selects soloists for the song Travelin' Band, a great CCR song performed at the recent Walkin' in Memphis concert in the spring of 2012. Although many tried, only two were ultimately selected for the spots among a lot of tough competition.

Ain't No Sunshine

Brian Farrell, Artistic Director conducts soloist auditions for the song "Ain't No Sunshine" for one of Revv52's concerts. Brian is challenging the soloists to express the song from a personal experience - from the heart - to bring the right emotion. How did they do? Judge for yourself which soloist brought the music to life - and why...

Chain of Fools

Producer Murray Ord talks about Revv52's Artistic Director Brian Farrell. Take a behind the scenes look at our group as we prepare for our Memphis 2012 concert. We performed songs inspired by the great city of Memphis like "Chain of Fools".

Good to Great

Brian Farrell is at the heart of Revv52 and leads the group with great passion and inspiration. Watch our passionate musical director in action and hear member Joe Moreau talk about how he gets us from "good" to "great" in time for the BIG SHOW. Enjoy!

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