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ReMix: Powered by Revv52 is an extraordinary group of singers from Revv52. Streamlined, “on the fly” to perform, the group is built for performance: Jazz, R & B, Pop, and Fusion. Songs like: iconic selections from the Beach Boys, Lady Gaga, Prince and The Beatles; the a cappella arrangement of “The Sound of Silence” recently performed by Revv52 at Carnegie Hall; Sinatra’s iconic “Come Fly with Me”, and a broad collection of pop and rock songs that have wide appeal to audiences everywhere.

The singers are versatile. Audiences appreciate the upbeat, energetic delivery of ReMix and Aritstic Director Brian Farrell who is as unique as the individuals he has worked with. Recent performances: Canada’s National Music Centre in the Studio Bell Performance Hall, The American Consulate July 4th Celebration, former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s final speech as a Member of Parliament, and many other special private events.

ReMix is Calgary’s compact new ensemble of singers built from the popular Revv52 group – built to create a new music soundscape.

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