ReMix | Redwood House

30 Nov 2019 ReMix - Powered by Revv52


Time : 7:30pm
Venue : Redwood House
Address : 1 Manyhorses Dr, Redwood Meadows, AB
Zip : T3Z 1A4
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Bragg Creek Performing Arts presents ReMix: Powered by Revv52

ReMix: Powered by Revv52 is an extraordinary group of singers based in Calgary, Alberta. They are members of Revv52, Calgary’s Vocal Energy, which performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City in 2019, and at the 2017 Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show. Revv52 is one of Calgary’s longest-standing performance groups who regularly entertains thousands of adoring fans each year, with concerts at the beautiful Bella Auditorium located within the Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts at Mount Royal University.

The Singers: Claire Wilkes, Bekah Peterson, Jennifer Robertson (sopranos); Jennifer Matthias, Heather Cole, Jennele Coulson, Kate Heney (altos); Dave Kletke, Brett Sieben, Michael Heney (tenors); Michael Birnie, Brian Lalonde, Joe Moreau (bass).

Join ReMix: Powered by Revv52 for an unforgettable evening.