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About Revv52

Revv52 is a Calgary-based pop and rock performance ensemble made up of 52 auditioned vocalists, singing on individual microphones alongside our in-house live band. More like a rock concert than a traditional choir, Revv52’s format is unique in North America, and explains why the group creates such a buzz with their sold-out shows, viral videos, and a community of fans from around the world.

Whether singing to an intimate audience at the beautiful Bella Concert Hall, taking their show to Carnegie Hall in New York City, or performing for an international audience of 250,000 spectators at the Calgary Stampede Grandstand, Revv52 continues to deliver powerful, engaging performances that solidify the group’s place as Canada’s Vocal Energy.

70 years of entertainment excellence

Revv52 started in 1952 as the Calgary Choral Society. We were originally formed to perform at Queen Elizabeth’s coronation visit to Calgary the following year. In 2008, we rebranded to reflect a transition from more traditional choral performances into more popular music… “Revv” from revolution, and the idea that audiences get revved up for a performance, and “52” to represent both the year the group was founded, and the number of performers in the ensemble.

The video above was created for our 70th anniversary and debuted in our January 2023 World on a String performance. For a chronology of key events for Revv52, please visit our history page.

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