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We are looking for talented singers with high-performance energy and a passion for singing. Are you an experienced singer who is looking for a new challenge?  Do you want to be part of a supportive community that will push you to go beyond your comfort zone and improve your performing skills?  If so, please consider auditioning for Revv52!

Being part of Revv52 is a commitment of your time, talents, and enthusiasm. We hold regular weekly rehearsals on Wednesday evenings. Each Revvster is expected to practice independently to memorize the songs, music, and choreography for the upcoming show, and to improve their vocal skills. For each of our main stage shows in November, January and May, there are extra weekend workshop days in addition to our regular rehearsals.

Audition Process

  1. Round 1 – Submit a Video – The audition process starts with you submitting an audition video using the form on this page. We’re looking for about two minutes of a song that showcase you and your singing style. We accept video submissions any time throughout the year, but typically bring new members on board in September and February. If you have an difficulty submitting a video, please contact info@revv52.com.
  2. Round 2 – In-Person Audition – If you are selected based on your audition video there will be a second in-person audition. Each person who is invited to an in-person audition will be given feedback.  This audition will consist of three stages:
    1. Sing your solo video selection in person, either acapella or with track that you provide.
    2. We’ll do a quick range check (chest and head voice), vocal blend check, and have a conversation to get to know each other.
    3. Sing two pre-selected songs: Billy Joel’s “And So It Goes” AND “Some Nights” by Fun. You will be provided with sheet music and rehearsal tracks in advance. You will be asked to sing your part (Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass) while three other Revv52 members sing their parts with you, so we can hear how you sing in harmony and check for blend and balance.

Audition Submission

Ready to join Revv52? Submit your audition below.

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