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Funding Sponsors

Revv52 appreciates the operational grant funding provided by Calgary Arts Development. They have been a long-term supporter of Revv52. They provide opportunities to collaborate with other arts groups in Calgary.

Calgary Foundation has been nurturing a healthy, vibrant, giving and caring community since 1955. They facilitate collaborative philanthropy by making powerful connections between donors and community organizations for the long-term benefit of Calgary and area.

Revv52 has enjoyed support from the Alberta Lottery Fund for many years. This support provides ongoing funding for different projects over the years.


The Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) is the primary arts resource and grant funding body in Alberta. Revv52 appreciates our long-term relationship with the AFA, and the grant funding they have provided over the years.

In-Kind Sponsors

OCP Custom Graphics has been supporting Revv52 for many, many years. The artwork for our shows and other promotional graphics can be seen on this website and around wherever Revv52 is performing.

ClaudiaT Photography provides photographic services for Revv52 including the headshots seen in the Meet Revv section of this website. She also takes backstage and performance photographs that capture the essence of Revv52.

mediapop and Revv52 started producing music videos together during the pandemic. Since then we have collaborated for both Revv52 show performance recording and webcasting services as well as separately produced music videos. Check out our music videos on our Past Shows pages.

Sponsor Revv52

We’re proud to work with our valued partners to elevate entertainment in Calgary. Help us bring our performances to the next level. Contact us at info@revv52.com and let’s start the conversation.

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